Are you at a crossroad?

We all experience approaching mental “crossroads” throughout our lives. One of the most common challenges many people are faced with is finding the perfect or their “Right” work.

If you’re a college student, you might be at a crossroad of having thoughts like –

“What career path should I choose?”
“Am I pursuing what I want or am I doing something my parents think I SHOULD do?”
“I’m not even sure about what my talents or gifts are.”

These might be common questions we ask ourselves in different stages of our lives, but are we asking the RIGHT questions?
The right questions to ask might be:

“What am I BEST at?”
“What is MY ultimate vision, mission, or goal and is it in alignment with who I am?”

You might be at a crossroad as a successful, career-driven professional-

“Am I being challenged enough in my current career or am I just idling along? Doing the same thing, day in and out.”
“Is my stress from work negatively straining my personal relationships with my family and friends?”

The RIGHT question to answer might be-

“This job gives me financial security, but am I fulfilled passionately on a level that continues to help me grow in creative ways?”
“How do I get to a place where work doesn’t feel like work because I LOVE what I do?”

Maybe you’re a parent going through the “Empty Nest” crossroad with thoughts like-

“I’ve spent the last 18 – 20 years raising my children & family. That’s all I’ve known and now they’re off to college and I have all this time to myself? I do wonder if this is the right time to create new goals for myself, but I wouldn’t even know where to begin- I just haven’t placed myself first in a long time.”

Or maybe you’re approaching the crossroad of Retirement and thinking-

“I’ve accomplished quite a bit, but there are still some things I want to pursue that I couldn’t attend to because I worked so much in the past. It seemed practical then. But now- maybe I can find exciting ways to share my knowledge to help others who might need help?”

What’s holding you back?

Finding passion in our work is part of what makes our lives fulfilling, but we may have hard-wired our minds with negative thoughts or invisible restraints. Thoughts like:

“I’m too old to start that now.”
“Oh, I can’t possibly do that. It’s way too scary!”
“I guess I’m content with my life at the moment. Could it be better? Sure. But I don’t know, it’s a little uncomfortable and feels risky.”
“I had some great ideas, but I don’t have the time to devote the energy right now.”
“What are my gifts and talents? I don’t know. No one has ever asked me that before! Besides, my parents might not approve.”

We do not realize that the power we restrain ourselves with and the power we have to be free from those restraints is one in the same. The questions might seem daunting, however, it’s the uniqueness of these questions that enable the internal, truthful, and intuitive response from each Individual.

Alignment with work

YOUR RIGHT WORK is a facet of an empowering program custom-designed for rediscovering your unique gifts and talents and utilizing them in alignment with the RIGHT WORK you are passionate about.

My RIGHT WORK is to give light to those hidden answers by asking the RIGHT questions to assist you with leading empowering, even inspiring lives, and be the Best of who you are.


Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken.” – Oscar Wilde

The truth is that everyone could greatly benefit from this program. We all have unique gifts and talents and the ability to create. We are uniquely and innately qualified. Unfortunately, the majority of people are not maximizing their potential.

Discovering and creating Your Right Work is a journey with a definite destination and tremendous rewards along the way. Your Right Work also integrates well with your life and your life integrates well with your work.

What will we be working on together

Key questions we will address in discovering or rediscovering Your Right Work:

Do you have a clear Vision and goals?
What’s the difference between your identity and the roles you play?
What’s your purpose and your passion?
What are your gifts and talents?
What knowledge (life experience, education), training and skills have you acquired?
What’s your core message and mission?
What do you value and what virtues do you aspire to living?
What Laws (natural/spiritual) and principles do you follow?
What are your standards and boundaries?
What is your sense of time? When do you work best?
What action – behavior, habits, practices do you engage in that lead to performing your best?
What kind of environment and surroundings are most conducive to working your best?
What is the quality of your community and support system?

Work is an essential part of our lives that we devote many hours, days, weeks, months and years of our life to. Doesn’t it make sense to be doing what we can be the best at and being paid accordingly?

Most career counselors or coaches will help you with a job search, I’m here to help you with your soul search because I believe Your Right Work is an inside job first.

I look forward to working with you to discover or rediscover Your Right Work and optimizing your strengths and maximizing your rewards.

Thomas J. Shields, MSEd.
“The Optimalogist”
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