What is Your Vision Requiring You to Be or Become?

When you think about a goal you want to achieve or a compelling vision you are looking to create, do you feel any tension? A lot of tension or a little bit?

Any time you set your mind to to do something or create something that you haven’t done before, you are most likely to experience some tension. We often refer to this as stepping out of your comfort zone.

From another perspective, could it be that your vision is inspired and set up so you are required to be or become stronger and develop different parts of your Self? How is this different?

I like to say that  to achieve a goal or create a vision it’s important that we be a good match for it. That goes beyond being uncomfortable.  You are more so realizing your power of being. As long as you maintain your sense of I AM being and becoming, it would make more sense that you would feel quite comfortable. Challenged? Sure, but that changes the dynamic and the focus of your energy.

I recall feeling more proud of my ability to stay the course over 10 years of taking classes weeknights and weekends to earn a bachelor’s and master’s degree than I did in receiving the diplomas. Maybe a degree in persistence would have been more appropriate.

What goal are you looking to achieve? What is your Vision? What are you required to be and become to fulfill this?

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